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Won't you take a few minutes to drop me a line and let me know of your assessment of the magazine so that we may better serve you and our constituency in future issues? Aylmer '57 Rear Admiral, USMS 1 Opportunity Knocks Portside, Too! Travers Where are the opportunities for jobs ashore for a graduate of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy? It was this same priest who later helped persuade Queen Isabella to sponsor Colon's first voyage to India following the western water route. If you are motivated to assist with an appropriate writing, we would be glad to consider publishing your views in the magazine. Alumni of the Academy are working for a multitude of com- panies throughout the United States, and Stone & Webster is one of those firms. Colon spent seven years (1485-92) trying to convince the Spanish Mathematical Commission and the Spanish Catholic monarchs to approve the western route to India and to return with pearls, silks, carpets, precious metals, ivory, faience, globe north and south giving him essen- tially the eastern hemisphere. I trust that its readers will be better informed as to the many events occurring on campus and recent developments in the maritime sciences and applied engineering and, at the same time, acquire an appreciation of the quality of students with whom we are privileged to work. Taking his mother's name, the bastard son would bear the name Salvador Goncalves Zarco, but using the Duke's name, it would become Salvador Fernandes Zarco— the name in the siglum and the monogram. Portugal had been desperately searching for a water route to India. The magazine's feature articles will be provided in each issue by a combina- tion of Academy administrators, faculty, cadets, alumni, and industry experts, all of whom have something valuable and informative to offer. King John II dis- patched dozens of secret agents with assumed names for this purpose. These are not easy questions to answer, because companies employ individ- uals for a variety of reasons which take into account experience, educa- tion, or other special qualifications. It was for this purpose that the Columbus Fraud emerged -a fraud which has deceived the world for five centuries. At the same time, individuals seek- ing employment also have certain goals or standards that they expect to obtain from their employers, i.e. Who can tell what may have been the original basis for the attempt to establish that Colon was a Genoese? Additionally, one of the Academy's principal goals is to educate students in power plant operations, one of Stone & Webster's major business sectors. The name "America" was adopted in 1507, the year after Colon died. Also, most graduates serve some time at sea, either in the merchant marine or the navy, gaining valuable operational power plant experience prior to join- ing companies such as Stone & Webster. When Colon tried to "collect" his due from the Spanish monarchs, he lost their .

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But, once having joined the company, most graduates generally become some of Stone & Webster's long term employees. This treaty abandoned the 28° demarcation and substituted a ver- tical line 370 leagues west of the Cape Verde Islands (46° west longitude). Suggestions and comments are welcomed and should be sent to Editor, Massachusetts Maritime Magazine, P. I foresee the magazine cementing the interest and efforts of our alumni and friends toward assisting Massachusetts Maritime Academy, the industry, and the public sector it serves. Having deciphered the name "Salvador Fernandes Zarco," Barreto really wasn't sure of anything. For many years, he researched the genealogy of the noble and royal families of Portugal and finally found someone who could have used that name: the Duke of Beja's illegiti- mate son. It was the age of discovery, inquisi- tion, competition for trade routes, search for information about winds and currents, and hence an age of secret agents and espionage.